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HANMEGA Inc. is providing competitive products in GLOBAL RETAIL MARKET by procuring independent production and design skills of ATM to not only in domestic market, but also in world's retail markets including US, Canada and Australia..

With our objective to contribute to our customer's satisfaction and society, HANMEGA Inc. strived on continuous investment and technological innovation to provide innovative products and services. As a result, we are maintaining our gradual growth rate in domestic and international market.

HANMEGA Inc., based on accumulated knowhow and technological skills in international markets including world's top financial leader US, is striving forward for the expanded growth as a global enterprise by excavating other countries for export such as India and Japan

Also, HANMEGA Inc. fully acknowledges corporate social responsibility. We strive to keep our responsibility with justice management following fundamentals and principles, sharing of wealth for our society and job creations. Furthermore, we will put our best effort to be the enterprise which contributes to development of national economy and global market.

Please give us continuous support for HANMEGA Inc., to step further as a true global enterprise.

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